Long time resident

- Courtney Jarrell
I have lived at the Siennas (now the retreat at vista lake) for 3 years. During that time about 4 different management companies have owned it. I have seen a decline in the community but the current management company seems to be turning things around. They have painted all the buildings and got a better landscape crew. The new gym is also much nicer. I have been told they are putting in an entrance gate which would be nice. My only current complaints are they need to pressure wash the pool grounds more frequently.. that is the focal point of any community. The pools themselves stay pretty clean but the ground needs to be on a regular cleaning schedule. Another issue for me is the residents' dogs here. There are not supposed to be any "dangerous" breeds allowed yet I see pit bulls and other restricted breeds all the time. I have owned pits in the past and I know they are not inherently bad.. they are great dogs if trained right.. the same as any breed. But the fact is many residents here do not have control over their dogs. I have personally witnessed several dog attacks during my 3 years here (Dogs attacking other smaller dogs at the dog park.) If you have large dogs you should not live in an apartment community if they are not trained properly. I think they should take out the current "dog park" as it is a liability. Plus it's a waste of space in my opinion. They should make that space a children's park as there isn't one now. They could make a smaller designated area somewhere not in between several buildings. My daughter is scared to walk past the dog park due to seeing owners lose control of their dogs in the past. When I moved in and was given a map of the property, and it showed on the map there was a beach volleyball where the dog park is. So not sure when that was changed but even that would be a better utilization of the space. Other than that I am happy with the progress the new management company is making and optimistic it'll continue. All the ladies in the office are nice (after all the buyouts I have seen many staff changes haha). The maintenance workers are also friendly. I like the convenience of the trash pickup service. Over all I like living at the retreat.